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Orlando Cepeda


Orlando Cepeda was unanimously elected Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player. Learn more about slugger Orlando Cepeda and see his statistics.

Facebook Safety Check Feature Connects People During Orlando Attack


Nearly 1 billion people got a Facebook Safety Check notification that a friend or loved one was safe in a crisis in 2015. HowStuffWorks Now digs in.

Family Vacations: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure


Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure offers the family two parks that are filled with fun. Find more about what to see and do.

Family Vacations: Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World offers four major theme parks and dozens of attractions. Learn more about this popular family vacation spot.

I Escaped: Living on the Run


New York Times journalist, Jim Dwyer, explains how Orlando Boquete, a Cuban refugee, managed to survive for 10 years on the outside after escaping from the Glades Correctional Institution in 1985.

Florida Overrun With Killer Pythons

OK, so maybe the headline is a bit sensational. But Florida is having quite a python problem. A 14-footer was found in a storm drain yesterday in Bradenton, FL and a toddler was killed by a python north of Orlando in early July.

Pirates of the Caribbean with Ashley Brooke Roberts

Someone take Orlando Bloom's SAG card away! Caitlin and Jamie hit the high seas to fulfill their childhood dreams of becoming violent skeletons with fearless captain and guest Ashley Brooke Roberts!(This episode contains spoilers)Follow @AshleyBRoberts on Twitter! While you're there, you should also follow @BechdelCast, @caitlindurante and @hamburgerphone

Toyota Dealership Employees Find (And Return) $50,000 to a Forgetful Florida Man

Just last Friday, Susan Jacobson, an Orlando Sentinel Staff Writer, reported that a 32-year-old Osceola County, Fla., man who "accidentally left $50,000 at a south Orange County auto dealership" has stepped forward to claim his cash. Sure, it's remarkable that the money made it back to its rightful owner, but how can someone "accidentally" leave behind $50k at a car dealership? Well, here's what happened...

Killer Whale Lives Up To Its Name

It's always an adventure clicking on or whatever your go-to online news source happens to be. Each morning I awake ready to see a list of the top ten or so things that are pretty awful here on planet E. Famine and flood, earthquakes, murder/suicides, the passing of Daddy the pit bull -- it's never a joy ride when international news is there for the digesting. This afternoon I clicked on said Web site to read a headline that indicated a killer whale had killed a Sea World trainer in Orlando, Fla.

Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame Members


The Baseball Hall of Fame is in Cooperstown, New York. Learn about Hall of Fame members who played for the Kansas City Royals.

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