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Fort Niagara Lighthouse


Fort Niagara Lighthouse rises to light freshwater where the Niagara River and Lake Ontario meet in New York. Learn about Fort Niagara Lighthouse here.

Fort Blunder: The US Fort Mistakenly Built in Canada

After the War of 1812, the US decided to shore up security at Lake Champlain by constructing a fort on Island Point. However, due to a surveying error, the US ended up building this fort in Canada, rather than the states. Listen in to learn more about the ridiculous story of Fort Montgomery, and why some people prefer to call it Fort Blunder.

Fort Stanwix National Monument


Fort Stanwix National Monument in Rome, New York, is an accurate representation of a Colonial fort. Learn more about national monuments in New York.

Fort Frederica National Monument


Fort Frederica National Monument marks the site of England’s southernmost stronghold in the New World. Learn more about Fort Frederica.

Fort Matanzas National Monument


Fort Matanzas National Monument visitors arrive by boat like Spanish soldiers in the eighteenth century. Learn about Fort Matanzas National Monument.

Fort Larned National Historic Site


Fort Larned was established in 1859 to protect travelers and mail in the early American West. Learn all about the Fort Larned National Historic Site.

Fort Scott National Historic Site


Fort Scott was established in 1842 to keep peace between the Indians and white settlers. Learn all about the Fort Scott National Historic Site.

Fort Davis National Historic Site


Fort Davis National Historic Site contains the most impressive collection of remains of any Indian Wars fort. Learn more about this historic site.

Fort Smith National Historic Site


Fort Smith was built in 1817 to combat the general lawlessness of the American frontier. Learn all about the Fort Smith National Historic Site.

Fort Bowie National Historic Site


Fort Bowie National Historic Site explores frontier life at the Apache Pass fort. Learn more about Fort Bowie National Historic Site.

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