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Cape Florida Lighthouse


The Cape Florida Lighthouse has survived hurricanes and Indian attacks in its history in the Florida Keys. Learn about the Cape Florida Lighthouse.

1955 Lancia Florida


Created in Italy, the 1955 Lancia Florida was a completely new kind of car. See pictures and learn about the Florida's design and lasting impact.

Flesh-eating Screwworm Maggots Are Devouring Rare Tiny Florida Deer Alive


The flesh-eating screwworm has been found in the Florida Keys. Learn more about screwworms and Key deer in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

Florida Overrun With Killer Pythons

OK, so maybe the headline is a bit sensational. But Florida is having quite a python problem. A 14-footer was found in a storm drain yesterday in Bradenton, FL and a toddler was killed by a python north of Orlando in early July.

Burmese Pythons Retire to South Florida

What scares the bejesus out of you? Your in-laws? Freakishly big bugs? What about snakes? Because if it's this last one, then stop reading, or for goodness sake, don't move to South Florida. The sunny home of Gloria Estefan ("C'mon baby, do the conga!) is also home to tens of thousands of Burmese pythons, according to a newly released report from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Nile Crocodiles Retiring to South Florida?


Herpetologists have found three Nile crocodiles living a long way from home. Could they join the ranks of Florida's many invasive species?

The Time Nazis Invaded Florida

During World War II, Nazis invaded the United States with saboteurs bent on fomenting chaos. Three times.

Red Tide Menaces Florida Coast


Red yide is a term for an algal bloom in the ocean. HowStuffWorks checks out the phenomenon.

You Haven't Seen Lightning Until You've Seen This Slow-motion Lightning


What does super slow-motion lightning look like? Learn more about slo-mo lightning in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

There's a River Full of Monkeys in Florida — And Not in a Theme Park


In Silver Springs State Park, Florida, there's a colony of rhesus macaques living in the wild. HowStuffWorks discovers how they got there.

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