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How Concordes Work


The only passenger plane that flies faster than the speed of sound, and can get from New York to London in less than four hours, is calling it quits. Learn how this amazing plane works.

How the Concorde Worked

The concorde was a wonderful thing, a super fast commerical airliner that got you across the pond in half the time. But it was small and cramped, noisy and a big money loser. Climb aboard and get ready for Mach 1. 

TechStuff Flies on the Concorde

From 1976 until 2003, the Concorde provided a fast option for air travel if you happened to have enough cash for a ticket. How does supersonic air travel work and what happened to Concorde?

How the Concorde SST works

The Concorde SST was a commercial jet liner that flew from 1969 to 2003. Tune in as Scott and Ben explore the story of the Concorde SST -- and why it's no longer with us -- in this listener-inspired episode.

High Speed Stuff Wrap-up: Super Speeders and the Concorde SST

Once again, it's time for another wrap-up of what Ben and I have been up to on our High Speed Stuff podcast over the past few days. So let's cut the small talk and get right to it. There's a new law in Georgia -- it's called the Super Speeder Law. Ben and I talked about it during Tuesday's show. Of course, we give you all the details we know about what the new law means for Georgia drivers and other lead-foot motorists passing through our state. And before you completely tune this one out simply because you live elsewhere, understand that this new law may eventually affect you, too.

Conquering Air and Space


Conquering air and space really took off in the 1970s with advances in space flight and jetliners. Read about conquering air and space.

How Sonic Cruisers Will Work


Need to go from New York City to Australia, but don't have a lot of time? Book a seat on board Boeing's new sonic cruiser!

Whatever happened to...?

From the Amiga to the Concorde jet, more than a few fascinating pieces of hardware have emerged only to disappear soon after. Listen in as the TechStuff crew takes a look at back at technologies that came and left in this podcast from

What was Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment?

Black soldiers fought at the early important battles of the war: Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill. But when Washington took charge of the Continental Army, he decreed that recruitment of black soldiers was at an end, and he later purged the remaining soldiers from his army. It seems the idea of armed blacks was a great enough threat to risk losing a war for. With this ban, the embattled royal governor of Virginia saw his chance. On Nov. 14, 1775, he issued a proclamation declaring that he'd free any slaves who joined the Loyalists in their fight.

Did Paul Revere really yell 'The British Are Coming'?


Paul Revere has been a lauded figured in American History, but how much of his story is true? Learn more about Paul Revere at HowStuffWorks.

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